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Rep. Allen West: Obama Is The Food Stamp President

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) talks about Newt Gingrich calling President Obama the "food stamp president" on the "Americas Morning News" radio program: "When you really do the analysis, I mean it is true. President Obama, since he's been in the White House you've seen a 41-precent increase in food stamp recipients in the United States of America. You've seen a 16-percent increase in people on the poverty rolls. 6.4 million Americans are now in poverty under President Obama's watch."

"That has nothing to do with race. What is really appalling and disgusting and despicable is that you have people such as, unfortunately, my colleague, Mr. Clyburn and the charlatan Al Sharpton who all of a sudden now want to try to create a schism and try to hide away from the fact that the unemployment rate in the African-American community right now is 15.8-percent."

"For black adult males, 20 years of age or older it is 16.4-percent. For black teenagers, 16 to 19 is 40.7-percent. And the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus once said that if that if there were anyone else sitting in the White House right now they would be marching on the White House. So this has nothing to do about race, this is them trying to spin it to have a discussion about race. But this president is failing all Americans, every single hard-working American taxpayer is being failed."

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