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George Will: Mitt Romney's Problem Is His "Romneyness"

George Will: "Mitt Romney's going in trump card was electability. If you go back now to his 1994 senate primary, he's been in 25 races. His record is six wins and 19 losses. Newt Gingrich won it, it seems at least 43 or 46 counties. He carried women and Evangelical conservative South Carolina. He carried evidently all seven Congressional districts."

"So here's what we now know, we all thought the big problem for Romney might be his Mormonism and it might be the Massachusetts healthcare plan. That's not it. Mitt Romney's problem is somehow his 'Romneyness.' That is the fact that people just are not connecting with him. Not just that he's the first candidate we've ever had from the financial sector, which turns out to be a problem because finances, a, mysterious, and, b, disliked. But there's something about him that is not connecting."

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