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Moore Warns Obama: "There Are Enough Pissed Off People That Will Go Somewhere Else"




Michael Moore comes out swinging at President Obama at a Tavis Smiley forum on poverty in America.

Moore feels taken advantage of by Obama and warns him that his support could dry up. Moore tells the audience "don't let Barack Obama play that card of 'where else are you going to go?'

"There are enough pissed off people that will go somewhere else," he said.

Moore also took at a jab at Obama's reelection efforts. "How many people now are saying 'Hey, I can't wait to get back on those phonebooks?'" Transcript below.

MICHAEL MOORE: "They're so desperate to be elected, that [it] is more powerful than the money than they're getting from these corporations is your vote. They can't win without your vote -- and don't let the Democrats and Barack Obama play that card of 'Well, where else are you going to go?' You know? They do not want to do that. They really don't want to do that because hey saw what happened in 2000. There's just enough pissed off people that will actually go somewhere else and can cause a huge ruckus as a result of that. So, they do not have to go back very far to think of an example of what happens when you punk on those who have less. Don't do that, President Obama and the Democratic party. Stand up now.

"Imagine Obama calling a press conference in the morning and going "I have decided that this year I am returning all the money I've received from Wall Street and I'm not taking one dime from Wall Street in this election right now." What do you think would happen? What do you would think would happen? Think about the support he would have. People right now -- how many in here went door to door and phone calls and everything in '08? Ask how many people can't wait to get back on the phone banks? It's not there."

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