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Ron Paul: Convention Speech Would Be "Good Goal" If He Loses GOP Nod

“The message has to be across the board,” Ron Paul said about his campaign on "FOX News Sunday." “I still have to attract the votes” of traditional Republicans.

“I’m not an absolutist,” Ron Paul said in an interview with “Fox News Sunday” program when asked if he would ever consider a third-party run for president. “Everyone knows I have no intention of doing that. It would be a bit of a burden.”

"If we don't pull it off and we're not in first place, yes, that would be a good goal and people ask me why I run," Ron Paul said when ask what he would like to do to influence the race if he doesn't get the nomination. "I run to win and I have won a lot, but we also want to help direct the party and country in a certain way. So, that would be a very, very positive strategy to influence the party."

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