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Gingrich: Romney Won't Beat Obama, Won't Be Nominee




Newt Gingrich had some harsh criticism for Mitt Romney in an interview that aired on MSNBC this morning, the day after the Iowa caucus.

Gingrich tells NBC's Chuck Todd that Romney is "not truthful" when it comes to his involvement with the Super PAC that is backing him.

Gingrich also took a swipe at Romney's conservative credentials and scoffed at his electability. Gingrich says Romney is "not a conservative Republican" and "he is not going to win the nomination."

Gingrich topped off his criticism of Romney by calling him "the guy the news media likes to talk about."

GINGRICH: "I think what's really striking about last night is three out of four Republicans once again repudiated Mitt Romney. Here is a guy that's spent millions of dollars campaigning in Iowa for five years and he has a ceiling of 25%. So hen people talk about electability, how can you take seriously somebody after that kind of a campaign with that amount of money just flattens out at about 25%? He'll do better here (NH) because this is sort of his home base. New Hampshire is one of his three best states. But even here, I predict you'll see him slide. By the time he gets to South Carolina and Florida, it will be obvious. This is not a conservative Republican. He is not going to win the nomination. And he is not the most electable candidate. He is simply the guy the news media likes to talk about."

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