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Palin: Will Be Thankful If Bachmann Drops Out And Goes Back To Congress




"I personally can't see how it's going to do a whole lot of good in many more response along the way," Sarah Palin opined about the possibility of Michele Bachmann staying in the race and not dropping out if she finishes poorly in Iowa.

"Maybe not New Hampshire -- quit by then -- maybe not South Carolina or Florida, but down the road, unless, you know, something really turns around for her I don't see a way to progress her candidacy to become the top-tier candidate," Palin said.

"I'm not saying that to disparage her personally so people can quit the shots already that I've taken just because I've voice had my opinion. She's got good things to offer. She's done a great job. I am proud of her and I think she's going to be back in the House of Representatives and we're going be thankful for her being there," she finished.

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