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Gingrich: Moderate Romney "Clearly Not Part Of Conservatism"




Newt Gingrich: "I'm not going to engage in that kind of petty negativity. I think it demeans politics, it demeans the country, and it's exactly what we don't need in Washington. There's enough hostility and negativity already.

"All I'll say is that I'll be prepared Wednesday morning in New Hampshire to draw a clear contrast between conservatism and the Romney record, which was to not be for Reagan in the 1980s; to be a Democrat for Paul Tsongas in 1992, when Tsongas was the most liberal candidate; to run to the left of Teddy Kennedy in 1994, which was not an easy thing to do; to describe himself as a moderate running for governor in 2002; to have tax-paid abortion in Romneycare; to have Planned Parenthood written by law into Romneycare as a key decider with no right to life group, by the way. And we'll just go through how wide the gap is between conservatism and the Massachusetts moderate policies that Romney in the real world, not in his campaign speeches or his paid ads, but in the real world, the moderate Massachusetts positions that he has espoused for his entire career."

Sean Hannity: "Am I hearing you right? I kind of hear here a strategical or a tactical shift, and that is that you feel that up to this point you were trying to run a positive campaign and that now, kind of, in Iowa the gloves are off, and you're going to make comparisons between you and Gov. Romney. Is that a fair analysis?

Gingrich: "Look, I'd rather stay with a comparison between my tax plan, which the Wall Street Journal said Saturday was the best, most aggressive job creation plan available and the Romney plan, which they described as so timid it could be Obama's plan. I'd rather stick at this level to pure policy. But if the governor and his paid negative ads are determined to engage in biography...I'm going to tell the truth, we're going to have video, we're going to have historic facts, we're going to let people see for themselves -- none of this is stuff I described, this is stuff he described. Let's have a discussion of who's been engaged as a movement conservative since I went to a Goldwater organizing meeting in 1964, and who has been aloof from the conservative movement, refused to sign the "Contract With America," rejected Reagan and Bush policies and has been clearly not part of conservatism. And I think over the next few weeks you'll see a much clearer understanding of who Mitt Romney is."

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