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Rep. West: WH's Sperling "An Idiot Repeating Very Weak Talking Points"

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) on White House economic adviser Gene Sperling saying Republicans have missed a golden opportunity when it comes to the payroll tax extension agreement.

Rep. Allen West: "I have to tell you, listening to Mr. Sperling, I never met him but he truly did seem to me to be an idiot that was just repeating some very weak talking points. You have to understand one simple thing, the national payroll reporting consortium today came out and said that this two month extension cannot be properly implemented. And who would ever think of economic policy just going for a two month incremental time period?"

Neil Cavuto: "Well, you have done that before. You guys on both sides have done this stumbling along a couple of months at a time."

West: "That's something that I have not stood for and I have been against these countless continuing resolutions."

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