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Krauthammer: Senate Payroll Tax Bill "An Abomination," "Worst Ever Crafted By Man"

Charles Krauthammer on the impracticality of extending the payroll tax cut for two months, a move that is supported by the Democrats. House and Senate Republicans are willing to give the provision a full one-year extension so it will not have to be revisited in two months.

"This shows to an outside observer, who know about this stuff and have no political axe to grind. This is the bill passed by the Senate is an abomination. It's one of the worst ever crafted by the hands of man. Saying that in this Congress is saying a lot," Krauthammer said about the fight over a two-month or one-year extension.

"It can't be administered probably in time, and fairly," Krauthammer said about the two-month extension. "It's nuts as tax policy, a two-month extension. A one-year extension isn't even a tax cut, it's a tax holiday. This is a -- to do two-month extension is essentially a long tax weekend. It's not going to have any effect whatsoever on hiring practices. The idea that Obama saying that this is a jobs provision is not going to have any affect on jobs whatsoever. So it's a terrible bill."

"The House Republicans are right on principle and on policy. But on the politics of it, they are going to get killed on this. And that's the irony, that they people who are actually trying to do the right thing by extending it to at least a year, are being trapped. The Democrats have set a trap, and the Republicans are walking in on it. It's a perfect example of in a corrupt environment if you act on principle, as I think the conservatives in the House are doing, you will are going to get nailed on politics," Krauthammer concluded.

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