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Chuck Todd Fawns Over Obama's Libya Strategy, Pokes Fun At Perry

It was a special awards program on this weekend's broadcast of "The Chris Matthews Show." NBC's political director Chuck Todd didn't hold back his appreciation for President Obama when he revealed his pick of Obama's "best move," or singular achievement, of the year and the "biggest turning point" in the Republican presidential field so far.

Chuck Todd chose Obama's "gamble" to go into Libya which resulted in the toppling of Gaddfi.

Gushing over Obama taking a "gamble" with Libya, Chuck Todd says the president giving the go ahead for funding so NATO could handle the situation will "define what future presidents do [and] how they handle situations like this."

"I'm going [with] Libya and Gaddafi because it was a risk -- the policy was a risk and it is a policy that is going to define what future presidents do, how they handle situations like this," Todd said. "It was, in a weird way it was as big as a gamble and maybe a bigger gamble long-term in the impact it could have had on short-term American foreign policy."

In the next category, which was focused on the GOP presidential field, Chuck Todd had an easy time choosing a gaffe as the "turning point" in the primary.

The Republican presidential "turning point" category was again made up of four choices, two of which were gaffes.

Todd easily selected Rick Perry's "Oops" moment as the turning point over Herman Cain's Libya gaffe, Chris Christie deciding not to run and and Romney going negative on Gingrich.

I'm going to go with Perry, simply because he was the only guy in the race that had the organization, that had the heft, that seemed to have the natural ability to tap into the anti-Washington sentiment," Todd said. "Without Perry bombing we wouldn't of had Herman Cain. We wouldn't of had Newt Gingrich, we wouldn't of had maybe Tim Pawlenty getting out of the race, you know."

"Without this Perry sort of getting in and then blowing up, we wouldn't have the race we have today," Todd added.

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