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Sharpton: As A "Victim" Of Half-Truths, Romney Deserved An Apology

Chris Matthews wasn't the only MSNBC anchor to apologize on behalf of the network for accusing Mitt Romney of using a KKK slogan earlier in the day.

MSNBC host Al Sharpton gave his seal of approval for MSNBC's apology because he also could not "nail down all the facts" on how Romney's comment had anything to do with the KKK slogan of "Keep America American."

Sharpton was compelled to apologize for MSNBC a second time because he knows what it feels like to be a "victim of unproven innuendo and half-truths." Yes, Al Sharpton. A victim. Of half-truths. Al Sharpton's full remarks are below:

"One note before we go, I want to say this. MSNBC apologized tonight for reporting earlier today on a blog attempt that compared a phrase used by Mitt Romney to one once used by the Ku Klux Klan, something I'm passionate about.

"But as someone who has been a victim of unproven innuendo and half-truths I agree the report was not proper if you could nail down all the facts. This network did the right thing by apologizing."

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