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Bachmann: Views Of "Newt-Romney" Are Similar To Obama's Opinions

Michele Bachmann calls Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney "Newt-Romney" due to their similar views on mandates and other ideas supported by Obama.

Bachmann: You’d have to go back to 1993 when Newt first advocated for the individual mandate in health care, and as recently as this May he was still advocating for the individual mandate in health care. Governor Romney sent his team to the White House, to meet with President Obama, to teach them how to spread the Romneycare model across the nation. That’s why I say “Newt Romney”. You’ve got to have our nominee, as someone who has a stark, distinct difference with President Obama, who can go toe-to-toe and hold him accountable. President Obama knows me in Washngton D.C. I’ve taken him on, on issue after issue. Our nominee has to be willing to not agree with Barack Obama on these issues, but stand 180 degrees opposite. Of all the candidates on this stage, I’ve been fighting President Obama for every year that I’ve been there and I’ve taken him on and I will take him on in the debate and defeat him.

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