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Herman Cain: Accusations Against Me Part Of A "Character Assassination"

"It means I'm reassessing and that's the same as the terminology reevaluating," Herman Cain said, when asked what he meant by 'reassess' and if he was going to drop out.

"I will make a decision over the course of the next several days, starting with the assessment of my family because that is absolutely my number one priority," Cain said about the "emotional toll" this latest accusation is taking on his family.

Cain tells FOX News' Neil Cavuto that he had no affair with Ginger White and the money she received was to help her out because she had "financial troubles."

“Over the years, because I have been successful, I have helped many people financially.” Cain continued, saying “She was someone that I considered a friend, although apparently she’s not, that I was helping because she was having financial troubles.

Cain said this latest accusation is "character assassination" from the "establishment" elites who are afraid of him.

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