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Chris Matthews: Tea Party "Un-American" For Not Compromising

In an appearance Tuesday at Washington, D.C.’s Politics & Prose bookstore, MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews told a standing room-only audience that his new book “Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero” was important because it taught “leadership,” and that’s something many people today don’t know about — especially under President Barack Obama, Jeff Poor at The Daily Caller reported.

Chris Matthews on the Tea Party: “This crowd doesn’t want to deal because they believe the word ‘deal’ is bad,” Matthews said. “Think about that — they come to Washington with the idea that deals are bad. Compromise is bad. That is un-American. This whole reason we live here is you don’t mail it in, you don’t e-mail it. You come here, meet the other side, listen to their arguments and try to find common ground. That’s why we have a Congress, coming together. That’s what it’s called a Congress – it comes together. And they don’t want to do that, so the American people have to decide if they want this crowd to run the country because they’re running it right now. The tea party is basically enforcing George W. Bush economic policies, or worse.”

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