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Comedian Richard Lewis: Herman Cain Would Be "Lucky To Be A Doorman"

"Countdown" host Keith Olbermann and comedian Richard Lewis break down the Republican field of presidential candidates. Lewis dismisses the current frontrunners as "a silly Muppet show" and muses about alternate career paths for Herman Cain.

Lewis, known for his edgy humor, let loose a very controversial "joke."

Lewis says Herman Cain would be "lucky to be" a "doorman." He also classified the entire field as "like the new Christy's Minstrels." Transcript below.

Richard Lewis, comedian: "I'm a patriot, man. I want, you know -- this is disgusting. This is like the new Christy's Minstrels, it's like a silly muppet show."

Keith Olbermann, host: "Or a parade going by."

Lewis: "Yeah, I mean, look. This whole things that's been going on, I mean [with] McCain, I mean, Cain -- you know, the big deal he had was with the Godfather's. But with all these things going on, he's lucky to be, I don't know, a doorman. Bada-bing! He's gone."

Olbermann: "I think that's the next job."

Lewis says Cain's performance as a candidate is "humiliating."

"He is not right for the people who are in need," Lewis said about Newt Gingrich. "The Republicans or Democrats, the independents, the poor. This cat is not the right guy. Let him be a king on his own island, you know?"

Lewis also explained the difference between the two parties and why he is a Democrat.

"I've been a Democrat most of life because I think they're more humane and I think they care more about the middle class and the people who have nothing, you know? And the people who are impoverished. It's true. Historically, it's true. So sue me. I'm not a socialist

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