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Carney: Obama To Push For More Unemployment Benefits; "Helps" Economy

"Extending unemployment insurance has been very much a part of the president's plan. It's part of the American Jobs Act. It's something that has enjoyed bipartisan support in the past, and should, we hope, enjoy bipartisan support this year," White House press secretary Jay Carney said about extending the time one can be on unemployment insurance.

Carney then argued writing unemployment checks is good for the economy and in fact, creates jobs.

"In addition to those who have found themselves unemployed and are unemployed for a substantial period of time, unemployment insurance has been recognized by outside economists and by members of both parties as vital assistance to an economy to help it grow and create jobs," Carney said.

"It is a direct injection, if you will, into the bloodstream of the economy. And so we very much support extension of unemployment insurance. If we do not do that, approximately six million Americans will lose their benefits over the course of next year. And that will obviously have a negative impact on their lives, but a negative impact on the economy," he said.

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