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Krauthammer On Obama And START: "These Are The Wages Of Appeasement"

"The truculent language that we heard from the Russians today is the perfect symptom of the abject collapse of the reset Russia policy that Obama has initiated. Obama essentially handed everything over by cutting off the Pols and Czechs who agreed to house our missile defense system. And then we cut them off, we canceled it as a way to appease the Russians and to substitute a much weaker plan that involves radars in Turkey, which is an extremely unreliable ally," Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight.

"Even at -- and the objective was 'a,' to get Russian assistance on Iran, which we have gotten none after the IAEA report. The Russians have said explicitly 'no new sanctions.' Which undercuts everything that we are trying to do. But even on the missile system, itself, the Russians are contemptuously rejecting the substitute missile defense system which we have. And saying, 'a,' we're actually going to target our offensive missiles on your American facilities. And second, we might even cancel the START treaty. These are the wages of appeasement," Krauthammer added.

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