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Charen: Super Committee "Incredible Abdication Of Leadership" For Obama

Columnist Mona Charen says the failure of the super committee is exactly what President Obama wanted.

"No. This was the whole point. He never -- he wanted the negotiations to fail because it's part of his strategy, which is to suggest that if not for the Republicans' attachment to their wealthy friends, something could have been done. But, it' s just that the Republicans are the creatures of the rich and therefore we had no agreement," Charen said about Obama's plans to spin the super committee's failure.

Charen says President Obama is "not interested in governing." Instead, she believes, "he is interested in campaigning." Charen says Obama's lack of involvement with the Congressional super committee was an incredible case of "abdication of leadership."

"Well, he is not interested in governing. He is interested in campaigning. I mean, this is the most incredible abdication of leadership that we've seen in the last 12 months where the president is completely disengaged from the most important domestic issue that we face, namely the debt," Charen said.

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