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Mitt Romney: Not The Time To "Cut And Run" In Afghanistan

"The commanders on the ground feel that we should bring down our surge troops by December of 2012 and bring down all of our troops other than 10,000 or so by the end of 2014. The decision to pull our troops out before that, they believe, would put at risk the extraordinary investment of treasure and blood which has been sacrificed by the American military. I stand with the commanders in that regard and have no information that suggests that pulling our troops out faster than that would do anything but put at great peril the extraordinary sacrifices that have been made. This is not time for America to cut and run. We have been in for ten years, we're winding down. The Afghan troops are picking up the capacity to secure their country, and the mission is pretty straightforward. That's to allow the Afghan people to have a sovereign nation not taken over by the Taliban," Mitt Romney said at the CNN debate in Washington, DC.

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