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Carney On Super Committee: GOP "Unwilling" To Do What American People Want

"The $1.2 trillion that the super committee was supposed to achieve in deficit reduction will happen regardless. That was the purpose of the law. Its Congress' responsibility to achieve that in the right way, in a better way, in a balanced way and again the president has weighed in with great detail in what he thinks is the right approach. An approach that supported overwhelmingly by the American people, overwhelmingly not just by Democrats and Independents, but by Republicans. And unfortunately we come to a point where -- it really is a lot of there's a lot of complexity that is loaded on to this process unnecessarily and in the end it comes down to a decision by Republicans that they are unwilling to do with the American people say they believe should be done. Which is ask the very wealthiest Americans, millionaires and billionaires, to pay a little bit extra so that we can achieve the kind of deficit reduction in long-term debt control that we need," White House press secretary Jay Carney said at his briefing today.

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