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Capehart: Perry Calling Obama "Privileged" Is "Dog Whistle" To Racists

Last night on FOX News' "Hannity" program presidential candidate Rick Perry (R-TX) said President Obama grew up "privileged" and has "never had to go through what Americans [are now] going through."

Perhaps Gov. Perry was referring to Obama's upbringing and the educational institutions he attended. However, according to the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart this comment was a "dog whistle" for racism.

"That's the dog whistle that Rick Perry is going for. The president was not raised privileged. He wasn't handed anything. He absolutely had to work for everything that he got. But for Rick Perry to say that President Obama was privileged and didn't have to work for what he got, the code is, he got into Columbia University, he got into Harvard University not through merit, not because he's smart, but because he took the place of someone else through affirmative action, that someone else being someone white," Mr. Capehart said on Martin Bashir's MSNBC show.

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