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Krauthammer: Romney A "Northeastern Republican, He Is Not A Conservative"

Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer were asked why they don't have anything "negative" to say about Mitt Romney in this election cycle.

Kristol, for his part, says "I think if you ask the Romney campaign who was sort of their less favorite people on television or magazine editors, it's me because I haven't jumped on the Romney bandwagon."

Kristol said he was the guy trying to get Paul Ryan and Mitch Daniels to run because he "wasn't thrilled with the field as it was." Kristol also notes Romney is known for his flip-flopping on issues.

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer went through a litany of candidates he was willing to support, but none would jump in. Krauthammer, like Kristol, liked Paul Ryan and Mitch Daniels. "I was running out of people who wouldn't run," he said.

Krauthammer calls Romney's problem with RomneyCare his "Achilles heel" and says he has yet to hear Romney give the "right answer" as to how he can square it away with ObamaCare. The columnist also notes "no one has laid a glove on him up to now" about RomneyCare during the debates, or otherwise.

"He has a history of changing his positions. He's a Northeastern Republican. He is not a conservative, but in the end I would say, I don't care much what's in a candidate's heart, I care what a candidate does," Kruathammer said.

Despite his criticism of the candidate, Krauthammer said he feels Romney is the best candidate to beat Obama.

"As an ex-psychiatrist I know it is almost impossible to know what's in someone's heart and even if they're on your couch one hour a day, five days a week. And I just want to see how [Romney] behaves and the platform he's standing on now is a reasonably conservative one, especially the one in which he talked about how he would cut the budget. So, I'm not a big fan, but I want to win against Obama. I think every conservative does and you want a man who has the best chance," Krauthammer said.

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