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Gingrich: Mitt Is A Competent Manager. I Am A "Change Agent"

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich discusses his presidential campaign and Mitt Romney on "The Laura Ingraham Show."

"If you want a manager, I think Mitt's a very competent manager. I think that he tends to manage within whatever he thinks the realities are so when he was governor of Massachusetts he recognized that 85 percent of the legislature was Democrat, and he recognized that the state was pretty liberal, and he managed accordingly. If you want somebody who is a change agent, who has worked with Ronald Reagan for change, who as speaker brought about change, who helped balance the budget for four consecutive years -- the only time in your lifetime -- who passed the only major entitlement reform, welfare, with two out of three people going back to work or going to school, and who has substantial foreign policy and national security experience. I'm the only candidate in the race like that.

It's always amazed me -- and we're having this national security debate tomorrow night -- we're not running for governor. We're running for president, and president involves life and death of a country in ways that are very, very different than being governor of a state. So, I think the choice is going to be really, really wide between managing the current mess and changing Washington decisively."

When asked if Romney is a conservative, he says he'll "let the voters decide that."

"Remember, Mitt Romney right now in the CBS poll is at 15 percent. I'm at 15 percent. The 85 percent who have not chosen Mitt Romney, who've known him now for five years, I think are looking for a conservative activist who will stand firm and who will fight to change Washington...The challenge will be when does Mitt start to attack me? I don't have any reason to attack Mitt because my interest is the 85 percent. I'll let him keep his 15 percent. I don't have any great need to win primaries by more than 85-15."

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