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Toure: White Men Have "Instinctual Fear" Of Black Men Dominating White Women

MSNBC's Toure (single word) says white men have an "instinctual fear" of black men who are in a relationship with white women. Toure is surprised that this so-called instinct has yet to make a significant impact on Herman Cain's campaign or his poll numbers.

According to Toure, this "instinctual fear" white men have "of black men being sexually inappropriate or aggressive or dominating" with white women runs "very, very deep."

Toure wonders when this emotion, that he defined but has yet to see, will rear its ugly head? "When is this going to start to come out?" Mr. Toure said on MSNBC's "Last Word" with host Lawrence O'Donnell. Transcript below:

TOURE: "It's looked like a circus consistently for several years now, but, I mean, I can't go any further without pointing out that it's yet another blonde white woman who's accusing him of doing and saying things that are inappropriate. The instinctual fear in America of black men being sexually inappropriate or aggressive or dominating with white women is very, very deep. And when is this going to start to come out?

"People start to feel this on a deep level. 'This is wrong. He keeps going after our women. We don't like this.' That is going to definitely have a problem. But look, the GOP knows if this had happened earlier, maybe it sinks him right away, but this is the last stop before Romneyville. After we get off the Cain train, we are stuck with Mitt Romney,

"We're marrying him, we're going all the way to the nomination with him. So there are so many GOPers who don't want to go the distance. Don't want to get married to Mitt Romney. So they're going to stick it out with Herman Cain as long as they humanly can."

Last week Toure said Herman Cain is a "minstrel" character that is here to entertain you. Last night Toure wondered if Republicans will accept that Herman Cain is being accused of sexually harassing white women.

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