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Cain Campaign Claims Son Of New Accuser Works At Politico

Herman Cain's campaign chief of staff Mark Block, on FOX News' "Hannity" claims the candidate's latest accuser, Karen Kraushaar, has a son that works for Politico. Transcript:

Mark Block, Cain campaign's Chief of Staff: "It's become quite apparent that Mr. Cain's candidacy and his rise in the poll is the -- both the left and the right's worst nightmare.

"You have all of these allegations coming out, you know, eight, nine days ago from Politico. You start connecting the dots and trying to figure out whether it's coming from opponents on the left or opponents on the right. I mean, just at the press conference it was brought up that the -- Karen Kraushaar come out as one of the women. So we've come to find out her son works at Politico, the organization that originally out the story out."

Sean Hannity, host: "Have you confirmed that? I've been hearing that all day. You've confirmed that now, right?"

Block: "We confirmed it -- that he does indeed work at Politico and that's his mother, yes."

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