November 5, 2011 Archives

November 5, 2011 Archives

Biden Gives Weekly Address: Tells GOP We'll Fix This Economy With Or Without You

White House: Hi, this is Joe Biden. I’m speaking to you from the University of Pittsburgh, where I just spoke to students here about what we’ve done to help ease the burden on them when it comes to the rising cost of tuition and the accumulating student debt and what we’re going to do to help create jobs when they graduate. Today we found

David Brooks On Herman Cain: "Running For Office Is For Professionals"

“There was no beginning,” Brooks said. “He was a TV show that lasted for a little while. Let me stand up for elitist insiders — this is a job for professionals. Running for office is a job for professionals. Governing is a job for professionals. What Herman Cain did this — let’s leave aside the harassment, his handling of this was compl

Sen. Brown Gives GOP Weekly: "Are We Going To Let Politics Win Out Again?"

GOP: In the Weekly Republican Address, Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown discusses the bipartisan approach to job creation. Sen. Brown says, "With millions of Americans looking for jobs -- it's no mystery what our priority should be here in Washington. We should be doing all that we can to help this economy start creating jobs again -- and we shoul

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