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MSNBC's O'Donnell Calls For Occupation And Boycott Of Restaurant Association

Coming soon: Occupy National Restaurant Association?

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on his primetime show last night shared names and photos of senior officials of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in order to intimidate them in ending the confidentiality agreements between the group and the two women it settled with that claimed they were sexually assaulted. O'Donnell also called for a boycott of the restaurants the group represents as well as an occupation of their headquarters. Continue reading for details.

"I want people to see the people who are currently protecting the secrets of Herman Cain," O'Donnell said as a photograph of Sue Hensley, senior vice president for public affairs at the National Restaurant Association appeared on the screen. O'Donnell accused this Restaurant Association employee of "protecting the secrets of Herman Cain."

"Sue Hensley, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs Communication for the National Restaurant Association -- do we have a picture of Sue? We do? All right. Put it up. That's right. Put it right up there. I want people to see the people who are currently protecting the secrets of Herman Cain. Sue Hensley said today, 'our outside counsel was contacted by Mr. Bennett (lawyer of one of the woman who settled with the group) today and was asked to provide a response to a proposed statement by tomorrow afternoon. We are currently reviewing the document and we plan to respond tomorrow,'" Lawrence said on Thursday night.

Not only did Mr. O'Donnell released a photograph of Sue Hensley, a private citizen, he shared with his viewers the exact location of the National Restaurant Association's Washington, D.C. headquarters. He even went as fas as to encourage those at the Occupy D.C. protests to Occupy the National Restaurant Association's building. As it turns out, the National Restaurant Association's location is not that far from where Occupy D.C. is taking place.

"All eyes that are not on the Los Angeles courthouse tomorrow where the verdict in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor trial will be delivered will be on the National Restaurant Association headquarters at 1200 17th Street Northwest, at the intersection of 17th and M [in Washington D,C]."

If that wasn't enough, O'Donnell told his viewers where the nearest Metro subway station was to the NRA's HQ and how far one would have to walk. In other words, Lawrence wanted you to know for certain how to get there. O'Donnell at the very least was inciting a protest in order to intimidate the organization in breaking their agreement with the two women who settled with them for five-figures.

"That's at the intersection of 17th and M street, nearest Metro Stop is Farragut North. That's only five blocks from the Occupy D.C. Protests in McPherson Square. An easy walk for anyone who might feel like Occupying the National Restaurant Association. Today may be the day to begin the National Restaurant Association Occupation, to force them to open their secret files. As of now, we have no reason not to expect Dawn Sweeny let's get a look at her, the woman who now has Herman Cain's old job, the CEO of the National Restaurant Association, to do the right thing. Do we have a Dawn Sweeney picture? Looks like we don't. We don't have one. All right. Well we'll find one. Dawn Sweeney's picture will be here. Maybe not tonight. She and anyone else at the National Restaurant Association has a standing invitation to come on this program and explain whatever they decide tomorrow. The National Restaurant Association lives on the funding of its giant corporate sponsors," he said.

"Here is a sample of who used to pay Herman Cain's salary and who is paying to keep his secrets now: 7-Eleven, Burger King, The Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle, Denny's, Domino's Pizza, Hooters, Krispy Kreme, McDonalds, P.F. Change, Starbucks, Wendy's, Walt Disney World. That is who is paying the salaries of the people who are keeping Herman Cain's secrets. Now, there is some good stuff in that list, but let's face it, most of that stuff is junk. Real junk food. It is not hard and it's good for you to give up most everything on that list."

What does he mean by "it's good for you to give up most everything on that list? Is it for health reasons? No. It's because MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell is wielding his power as an MSNBC primetime host to threaten a boycott of the restaurants, food products and tourist locations that are represented by the NRA in order to, again, intimidate them into releasing the women from their contractually obligating agreements in order to, in his hopes, embarrass the leading Republican nominee,

"I mean, boycott anything and everything on that list. And, yes, it is possible to get coffee in America without going to Starbucks. If the National Restaurant Association decides to do the wrong thing tomorrow, if they decide to continue to allow Herman Cain and his campaign manager to say anything they want about the former National Restaurant Association employees who have complained against Mr. Cain while the National Restaurant Association prevents those employees from speaking out in any way, then a firestorm should be visited upon the 1200 17th street Northwest and the members of the National Restaurant Association," a community organizer-sounding O'Donnell implored his viewers.

If it wasn't obvious enough already, O'Donnell explicitly threatens the National Restaurant Association to let go of its confidential contract with the two former employees, or else:

"If Starbucks wants to avoid a boycott, Starbucks can write a letter to Dawn Sweeney telling her to do the right thing. But that's what members of the National Restaurant Association should have to do. To retain your business, if Dawn Sweeney continues to let Herman Cain hide behind their confidentiality agreements," he concluded.

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