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Rush: "Politico, You Failed ... Influence Isn't What You Thought It Was"

RUSH: I am starting to sense it. I am starting to see it. When I sense it, when I see it, it probably is true. That's been my track record. I think I detect the media heading into damage control on the Herman Cain story. A lot of media are. This day five now, and still nobody knows what he did. Not a single media outlet can report what he did! Some are even suggesting that The Politico had no business running this story. These are other journalists who are beginning to say this. ... The media is also in damage control over the Occupy Oakland riots the night before last. I mean, yesterday the media was trying to pretend the Oakland protests were peaceful; the very model of a love fest, but now the truth is coming out along with some of the pictures and they're switching over to damage control mode -- and they're doing the same thing in the Herman Cain story.

Really, folks, five days now, and nobody knows what he did. Think of all the news stories there have been, think of The Politico and how they got this ball rolling, and after five days there has yet to be a report what he did. Nobody knows still. Five days! As Wes Pruden, former editor-in-chief of the Washington Times, points out: When he ran the Washington Times newsroom: If somebody like The Politico reporters would have brought this story to him, he woulda thrown 'em down the steps -- and if they survived that, he would have fired them. (paraphrased exchange) "You're telling me you want my newspaper to publish this rotgut? What do you got? There's nothing here! I want names, places, activities, things that happened. There's nothing here!"

"No, we want to run this, and we want Cain to respond to it. W want him to provide the information." A lot of even seasoned journalists don't like this. I've got sound bites you can tell they're getting edgy because they're getting all upset at me playing the race card in reverse on these guys. The reverse race card works every time it's tried when I play it and it's got them all ticked off. So we've got that to do. Here's Washington Post, ABC poll: "70% of Republicans say the Cain allegations don't matter." Can I tell you...? Folks, behind the closed doors of the mainstream media outlets, that poll (because it's in the Washington Post) I can't tell you how that ticks 'em off! This was supposed to destroy Herman Cain, and I'll tell you something else.

It was supposed to destroy every other Republican by shifting the focus to all of them in this matter; getting them to comment, to not comment, to pile on Cain or what have you. I'll tell you what: There's a question out there that I really think needs to be asked, because the way the media is doing their backtrack on this -- the way they're doing damage control -- is the same thing as yesterday. They're starting to focus on how "poorly" Herman Cain is handling this, which of course we (on the cutting edge) were on that aspect of the story yesterday. "He's doing such a lousy job handling this." How about a poll on how good a job Obama's doing handling the economy? What do you think a poll like that would look like? Well, we already have that poll, and it's called, "What do you think of the direction of the country, good, bad, worse, horrible, what?"

Only 16 to 30%, depending on the poll, think the country's headed in the right direction. So on what do you want to judge a candidate or a political person's qualifications? On how he's handling a no-name, no-information, empty "scandal" (with quotation marks around it), or how he's handling the US economy? As I said yesterday: I don't care, folks. No matter what happens here, every Republican candidate for the nomination -- every one of them -- is so superior to Barack Obama, it's laughable. Of course the Drive-Bys know that, and Democrats know that. But when you have the Washington Post and ABC News in their joint poll saying that 70% of Republicans don't care about the Herman Cain allegations, what that can be translated to is the following:

"Politico, you failed. You attempted, along with others in the mainstream media, to take the guy out, and you failed. Your influence isn't what you thought it was. Alana Goodman at Commentary magazine writes, "Basically, the entire Washington media could have collectively called in sick all week, and it wouldn’t have made a difference – at least not for 70 percent of Republicans. The latest Washington Post/ABC poll, one of the first to be taken post-scandal, reports: 'Seven in 10 Republicans say reports that [Herman] Cain made unwanted advances toward two employees when he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s -- allegations which have been stiffly rebutted by Cain’s campaign -- do not matter when it comes to picking a candidate.'"

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