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Politico's Vogel: Cain Is "Smearing" Anonymous Alleged Harassment Victims

Poliitco's Kenneth P. Vogel appeared on "The Ed Show" to push Herman Cain and the National Restaurant Association to release one of the alleged victims from their confidentiality agreement so Herman Cain will stop "smearing" her." Transcript:

"I would say this sort of parlor game of trying to guess who the source was really misses what we think is the crux of the story which are these allegations, these settlements which he initially denied and is now admitting, which we have seen in documentation, that, in fact, proves that there was at least one settlement. And you have now the lawyer for the woman who signed this settlement urging the National Restaurant Association to release her from the confidentiality portion of it to allow her to talk about this to defend herself because she feels as if Herman Cain, (a), has violated the confidentiality agreement by talking about the settlement and also is smearing her by saying these are baseless charges.

Well, if the National Restaurant Association comes out and releases her from this confidentiality agreement, which we understand there is a great deal of pressure within the association to do, then I think we're going to be able to put that face to some of these allegations and he's going to have a harder time brushing them off as anonymous."

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