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Toure: Cain Nothing But A Minstrel Character Here To Entertain You

Toure (one word), MSNBC's resident expert on race, once again used airtime to delegitimize Herman Cain as a black man and dismissed him as a member of black American culture in an appearance on "The Last Word" with host Lawrence O'Donnell.

Toure accuses the right of crying racism "wherever we see any racial politics taking place." Consider the following:

Toure (after viewing a montage of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Clarence Thomas at his Senate confirmation hearing): "One thing I see -- saw Rush Limbaugh talking about, 'we see who the real racists are.' And Clarence Thomas is using that the same sort of bazooka to fire back is that when we point out moments of racism or moments of minstrelsy in Herman Cain's example, they fire back and they just use the word racism. 'That's racism. You're racist.' So, it becomes this sort of negating tool that we'll just say racism wherever we see any racial politics taking place. We'll say the race card is being played anytime points out a moment of racism and that sort of muddles the conversation to where a lot of people are like 'I don't want to be part of this at all. It seems two people are fighting and I don't understand what's going on.'"

After accusing Herman Cain of having "moments of minstrelsy" to appease white conservatives, Toure then praises Obama. Toure claims that Obama, someone who he says is intellectual and brilliant, paved the way for a Herman Cain, and without a black Alpha like Obama there would be no Herman Cain.

"But I think that Cain, interestingly, does not exist without Obama preceding him. He sort of writes the ship in a lot of people's minds or writes the scales. Because Obama is Alpha. He is brilliant. He's a man you had to take seriously, you know. He's a Constitutional law professor that you had to take seriously when he spoke," Toure said.

Toure goes back to accusing Herman Cain of playing a constant minstrel character, something that he claims he is not "just making up." After going through a series of what he sees as stereotypical things Cain has said, Toure says this reinforces Cain's "constant minstrelsy" that pleases his base. Toure says Cain presents himself as an Alpha, like Obama, but he certainly is not one:

"Cain sort of reasserts the scales a way that people want it to be in a lot of ways. He's charismatic, but he's a lightweight, he's ideas are not serious, not well thought out. And there's this constant minstrelsy aspect that he keeps bringing up. This is not something that we're just making up out of whole cloth. He's the one who says he wants the Secret Service to call him 'cornbread.' He's the one who says things like 'aw, shucky-ducky' when he starts -- this is deep black slang that he's using that we have not seen on a national public stage before. And even in the yellow flower ad that you brought out on your show a few days ago, isn't he the one who gets punched in his own ad? Did I remember that correctly? I mean, what sort of man who presents himself as Alpha, as wanting to be the leader of the free world, would get punched in his own campaign ad. It doesn't make any sense," Toure said on MSNBC this evening.

Toure, like he did on Bill Maher's HBO show, resorts to labeling Herman Cain as the GOP's excuse to say they are not racist because they support a black man for president.

"And yet, Cain allows the GOP to have this sort of force where it's like 'well, we're not racist, we're supporting this black man.' Even at the same time that he sort of reasserts this myth of black [inaudible] and just sort of self-abnegation and like 'you don't have to take us seriously' sort of thing that Obama through completely out of whack because you had to take him dead seriously," Toure told O'Donnell.

Near the end of the segment Lawrence O'Donnell said Herman Cain is "more of an entertainer in many ways than he is a candidate."

"Yeah," Toure said in agreement with O'Donnell, a white Irishman." "This way that Colin Powell, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, the blacks who are running for president have presented themselves as serious intellectuals. We're not entertainers. We may have a little fun now and then, but we are not here to entertain you. We are here to lead you and here's Herman Cain, reasserting the scales. Yes, I am an entertainer. I'm here to entertain you."

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