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Durbin: If Election Is "Referendum" Then Democrats Are In "Trouble"

Chicago Tribune: "If that election (2012) were held in November of this year, what do you think would happen? And is there enough time for the economy to improve, to kind of move off that central theme for November 2012."

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.): "So, let me ask you a question. Which Republican would we be running against?"

Chicago Tribune: "Well, and of course, you can't beat somebody with nobody. Understood."

Durbin: "And that's the point. If it's a referendum, then we're in trouble because the economy's not good and people will say 'well, I just want to make it clear, I don't like the way things are.'

"However, it won't be. It will be a contest and there will be two people -- the president, and the Republican nominee -- with very different views on what to do with America. Where it should go from here? And that's what the voters will make their choice based on."

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