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Toure: Rick Perry Joking About Obama's Birth Certificate Is Racist

Touré (one-word) who you may remember from Bill Maher's show last week is race-baiting once again. This time he explains how just joking about President Obama's birth certificate is racist and "coded language" for saying if you're not white, you are not a real American. Transcript:

"It's absolutely racist, without question It suggests that he is other. It indexes white as truly American. And he is not one of us. And it just takes coded language for everybody to get the message that he is not one of us. The whole Muslim flirtation that other people engaged in is the same thing. He is not one of us. He is not a normative American. Why are we saying this about him? We didn't have these questions about Clinton, Bush, Bush, Reagan, etc. We just wonder suddenly about Obama. "Is he really an American? Mmm, I don't know." It's because he's black. "It's a coded way of saying he's black, don't vote for him."

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