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Ron Paul Does Not Rule Out A Third-Party Run

Ron Paul would not pledge to rule out a third-party run for president if he did not get the Republican nod. Paul said he is running for the Republican nomination and to make such an announcement now would undermine his current campaign.

Paul was discussing his candidacy with the panel on FOX News' "Special Report."

However, Ron Paul hinted several times during the interview that the thought is in his mind. Paul noted that there are more registered Independents than Republicans or Democrats in the state of New Hampshire.

When asked if he would pledge not to run as a third candidate Paul dodged giving a direct answer. "I pledge that I have no intention of doing it," Paul said cheerfully.

"Well, you know, I have to vacillate a little bit in my life," Paul said when pressed more about his opinion. Transcript below.

Juan Williams, FOX News: "Everybody in this town thinks there is going to be a third-party candidate. An independent candidate. If you don't get the Republican nomination, could that independent candidate be Ron Paul?"

Ron Paul, candidate: "Look, Juan, you have to realize let's say that I was thinking about that and I said that. Then it would undermine what I'm doing. I'm running for president. I'm doing pretty well, I'm in third. So, no, I'm running for president in the Republican party, I'm doing very well. And last time they wondered about it, but, you know the whole thing is, is boy the people are really frustrated. You go to New Hampshire there are more independents then Republicans or Democrats."

Williams: "But what you're saying is you are not saying that you will not run as an Independent."

Paul: "Well, I say, is that I have no plans to do it."

Bret Baier, host: "So, how about are you big on pledges? Would you pledge here tonight that you would not run in a third party?"

Paul: "I pledge that I have no intention of doing it."


Paul: "I'm running for this Republican primary!"

Baier: "That sounds pretty political, Congressman."

[more laughing]

Paul: "Well, you know, I have to vacillate a little bit in my life."

Charles Krauthammer: "We need a grammarian to work on that sentence."

FLASHBACK: Ron Paul rules out third-party presidential bid

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