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Mark Levin: Boehner Is "Sabotaging The Conservative Agenda"

"The reason why this is so frustrating and annoying is because the vessel through which those of us who believe in liberty, and private property, constitutionalism and so forth -- that we work through is the Republican party," Mark Levin said on his nationally syndicated radio show about John Boehner.

Levin says Boehner has "succeeded" with co-opting at least two-thirds of freshmen Republicans.

"So if we have people at the head of the Republican party who are sabotaging the conservative agenda they need to be called out. And unfortunately I pointed out that the only way conservatives in the House are going to make progress is if there's new Republican Leadership. John Boehner's been around for over two decades; he's not part of the conservative movement, he's not part of the Tea Party movement. And even though he's not part of those things he doesn't respect them. He jawbones us."

"And he has cut so many bad deals with this president and he's taken the House Republicans in such a terrible direction and some of them are actually mindnumbed to this. They don't even realize it." (h/t Right Scoop)

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