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Carney: Obama Exercising His Executive Authority To Help Americans

Exercising His Executive Authority To Help Americans

"What gives the president the right to [enact measures] by executive order," NBC's Mike Vaccaro asked White House press secretary Jay Carney today.

"The things [Obama] is doing administratively, through executive powers are things he can do, the things that do not require legislative action so he is exercising that power," Carney responded.

Carney says Obama has been doing this throughout his entire presidency and it is only newsworthy at this point since it's "obvious to everyone" that the Congress is dysfunctional and acting as "obstructionists."

"He has done and will continue to take the kinds of actions he can, as president, without Congress, to help Americans. To help them deal with this economy. To help them deal with their debt, deal with their mortgages, and through a variety of other measures that he has taken and will take," Carney told Vaccaro.

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