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Krauthammer: If Students Knew Truth Of Loan Plan, Obama Would've Been "Laughed Out Of Auditorium"

"It's entirely incoherent," Charles Krauthammer said of Obama's plan to pay down student loans. "I'm not sure if those savings are real, where are they? What he spoke about today was tweaking the student loan program, which he now controls. In a way, it's rather astonishing. The numbers were run by an economics correspondent today in The Atlantic magazine. And It turns out what he is offering the students is between $4.50 and $7.70 a month of relief."

Now these are students that he addressed today and spoke about their carrying an average of $25,000 in loans. So what he's saying is 'I'm going to save you, I'm going to give you a quarter of a part of it back a month. This is keeping with all of the promises he has been making in the last campaign tour in which he promised relief to homeowners in a program which has already failed. And now he is doing it on student loans. If his audience had known how minuscule is the benefit, he would have been laughed out of that auditorium.

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