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NBC Terrorism Analyst: Obama Doesn't Get Enough Credit For Osama

NBC News terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann: "Not to mention the fact that President Bush, back in December 2001, had an opportunity to go in and get bin Laden. We knew where he was, he was in a specific location, we surrounded him. And at the time, the decision was made that it wasn't worth taking the risk. President Obama took that risk. And it could have gone -- it could have gone bad, it could have gone real bad. He took the risk, it was a good risk, and guess what, we got bin Laden. It was a courageous decision, and it's unfortunate that he doesn't get more credit for that because I think it was a difficult decision. It certainly -- during that raid, I'm sure there were a lot of people wondering whether or not the president had a political future and now it's been forgotten."

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