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MSNBC's Martin Bashir: Rick Perry Is Like Forrest Gump

MSNBC's Martin Bashir likens Rick Perry to the mentally handicapped movie character Forrest Gump. Bashir says the only different between Gump and Perry is that Gump has a Medal of Honor.

"I guess it’s a case of desperate man, desperate measures, as candidate Rick Perry finds himself floundering at the wrong end of the latest poll.

Today’s New York Times/ CBS poll finds Perry in the third tier of candidates behind even Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. But rather than accept the verdict of the Republican base, Rick Perry has decided, in an act of utter desperation to revive a series of deeply offensive and bogus smears against the president.

In an interview with my colleague John Harwood, Perry thought it was funny to imply that Mr. Obama isn’t qualified to be president – neither intellectually nor by his place of birth.

Rick Perry: “It’s fun to poke and at him a little bit and say, ‘hey how about – let’s see your grades and your birth certificate.’”

In some ways, one has to feel sorry for a man who is so self-conscious about his own intellectual limitations that he feels obliged to drag the president down with him, to the bottom of the class.

But the attack on the president’s place of birth is even more pernicious. It suggests that Barack Obama could be nothing more than an illegal immigrant who’s lied about his country of birth and deceived the world.

One wonders how long it’ll be before Rick Perry accuses the president of being a fundamentalist Muslim, who wants to stage beheadings on the White House lawn and will soon introduce a new banning women from driving. I guess anything now is possible.

So if Rick Perry is free to characterize the president as an academic cheat who lied about his place of birth, how best to sum up his personality? Who is Rick Perry and what’s his history?

The closest thing I could find comes from the first few minutes of a well-known movie.

Principal: Your boy's different. Jenny Curran: Are you stupid or something? Forrest Gump: Mama says stupid is as stupid does.

Actually, that’s not fair. Forrest Gump won the Medal of Honor, after all."

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