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Limbaugh: "The Days Of Conservative Republicans Settling Are Over"

Rush Limbaugh: The Tea Party won a landslide election down ballot to the point that it affected statewide structure. It wasn't just a big sweep for Republicans in Washington. Republicans swept Democrats out everywhere on the ballot, even down to town council in some places. It was massive. Now, the establishment types and the media want everybody to forget that. That's why there are so many attempts now to say that the Tea Party, "Eh, they don't even exist anymore. The Tea Party is frustrated. It's Occupy Wall Street, that's the big money mover now. That's what's the game changer. Tea Party? Nah." The push polling data that show you that, well, the voters' sentiments have changed from 2010 to the present.

What's changed? The economy hasn't gotten any better. The circumstances that led to that landslide defeat for Democrats in 2010 have not changed. There is no reason for the Tea Party to have dissipated. There's no reason for the Tea Party to have lost energy, and they haven't. But every effort is being made to make people think so, that the Tea Party was a one-election wonder and now they're back to their mom-and-pop stores and had their one little fling with political and now it's over and the Tea Party doesn't exist. That's wishful thinking, but it isn't the case. So the days of conservative Republicans settling are over. 2010 showed what's possible.

That 2010 was massive landslide election based on what? Opposition to liberalism. Opposition to Obama specifically. The 2010 midterms were a direct rejection of big Washington, big government, big liberal, big Democrat, what have you. The 2010 midterms were not an endorsement of the Republican Party. The Republican Party was not out there saying vote for us because of. The Republican Party got the votes by default. People were opposed to what's happening. That's why this is so damn frustrating! We could have the landslide twice that big if we would give voters defecting from the Democrats added reason to join us other than defection. Just waiting there to be had, to be taken to the landslide bank.

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