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Moore: Occupy Wall Street Inspired Me To Make Another Documentary

Michael Moore announced on the "Countdown" program that he will be making a new documentary inspired in part by Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy "movement" that has spread. Moore, whose last film was "Capitalism: A Love Story," had previously said he would not make another documentary until people start expressing outrage in public.

Keith Olbermann, host: "You said you weren't really going to do any more of this unless you were somehow inspired by other people. Does that mean there's a new film coming?"

Michael Moore: "Honestly, I didn't think this would happen this soon so I was going to take a few years off. And I just wrote a book and I was going to do a couple of things.

"So yes, I am true to my word and, yes there is -- not an Occupy Wall Street, but the next thing I want to do, to put out there things that are not being covered."

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