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Bashir Defends Guest That Said Cain Wants To Be "Color Of Water"

Martin Bashir responded to a "flurry" of emails and tweets he received about a guest on his show, Goldie Taylor of The Grio, saying if Herman Cain "could become the color of water, he would." Taylor was responding to Cain who said racism is not a big deal anymore in the U.S.

Bashir, of course, defended Taylor and her bigoted remark. Transcript below:

"Goldie Taylor was responding to Herman Cain’s repeated attempts to claim that racism no longer exists in America, that his ethnic origins have no bearing on anything and that he’s happy to be known as black walnut flavored-ice cream because, 'it tastes good all he time.'"

"But Goldie’s analysis was met with a flurry of tweets and comments. One website posted our segment with these introductory words, “A day wouldn’t be complete without a left-wing member of the African-American community attacking Herman Cain’s ‘blackness.’” Another website responded in similar fashion saying, “Goldie Taylor slammed the GOP presidential candidate for being a self-hating black man.”

"There were also some angry tweets. McZoff said, “Too many black liberals are like racial profilers.” And then there’s the obligatory attack on myself with Pope88 asking, “Are you an illegal immagrant?” I think he met “immigrant,” and for the record, I’m not. But judging by his spelling, it would appear that English probably isn’t his first language.

"The point is this; Herman Cain is the one who’s been attempting to play down his racial background. He’s the one who keeps saying that America is now color-blind. And that’s why some, on the right, are delighting in their ability to embrace a black man whom they know will never win the nomination because he wants to pretend that his color doesn’t exist and that’s why he’s surging in the polls.

"But everyone knows that Herman Cain is badly wrong. Look at the statistics for black unemployment, look at the black prison population, look at poverty and all of it tells us that race absolutely does matter in this country.

"And that’s why Herman Cain’s ludicrous attempt at comedy, where he equates his complexion with a brand of ice cream is not post-racial, it’s just plain dumb."

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