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O'Reilly "Shocked" If Romney Lost Primary; Krauthammer "Unlikely" He'll Lose

"He’s tuned in to the Karl Roves, to the big money men and Haley Barber, Jim DeMint, Senator DeMint from South Carolina, these are the real power brokers inside the Republican party. And they well know, as I think you do, that Herman Cain is not going to beat President Obama," Bill O'Reilly said on his FOX News show Wednesday evening.

"If Herman were to ensure the Republican nomination, as charismatic and as interesting to watch as he is, he’s just not going to beat Barack Obama. That’s what the establishment Republicans are worried about."

"They believe and I know you know that this is true, at this point, anything could happen. Romney could stumble, Perry could miraculously rise from the dead, I guess. Romney, in the polls, is beating Obama. Romney, in the Independent precincts, is beating Obama big," O'Reilly said. "That’s why the Republican establishment wants him."

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