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Herman Cain: "I'm Going After Romney" At Debate

"I'm going after Romney...I have a very penetrating question for him," Herman Cain told Neal Boortz on his radio program today. Cain would not reveal the question, however.

Cain: Here’s the other thing, Neal, that’s a little different about the one tonight. First of all, we’re going to be sitting at a table. They’re not exactly doing the format you suggested, which is put us all at table and …

Boortz: Turn you loose.

Cain: And turn us loose. (Laughter) So, they got halfway to your idea, OK? But then, here’s what I think is real cool. Every candidate will get a chance to ask one other candidate a question.

Boortz: OK, where you going with that one?

Cain: I’m going after Romney.

Boortz: Oh, really?

Cain: Yep. I'm going after Romney.

Boortz: Are you telling me he's not going to be your vice presidential candidate?

Cain: Well, I didn’t say that. I am just saying I have a very penetrating question for him. No, I’m not going after Perry. I don’t need to go after Perry. I just sit back and let them continue to just do what they’re doing.

Boortz: Yeah, don’t shoot the wounded.

Cain: Exactly. So, my question, I will at least tell him, my question will be directed at Gov. Romney. That's all I'm going to say. But I think you're going to love the question.

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