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Coulter: Perry's Immigration Policy More Troubling Than RomneyCare

Laura Ingraham: "Ann doesn't though that issue (RomneyCare), when it comes up, it brings up the question of philosophy, right? Who is the real conservative in this race? Mitt Romney is someone that knows business and he knows how to handles a crisis, which I think he is market really well. But that is the Perry opening here. He has to remind people 'this is what happened, this is what's happened since in Massachusetts.' Which again, if you're Mitt Romney and you see the cost of healthcare going up, still I think it's only 96% of the people insured before there was 93%, something like that. I mean, there is more people insured now, but still the numbers aren't all that positive."

Ann Coulter: "No, it actually shows the failure of even state-wide universal care. But, and yet, and still, I think we have to run a governor. So, we're basically down to Romney and Perry. And Perry has a much, much bigger problem as RomneyCare indicates, especially that sort of thing done statewide. And even Obamacare, you can repeal a bad policy. You give 30 million illegals amnesty, you can't repeal that. Perry's position on illegal immigration is a much bigger problem than Romney's problem of RomneyCare."

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