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Bill Maher: "Denying Racism Is The New Racism"

Bill Maher says the rule black Republicans must follow is to never talk about race or racism.

"In today's GOP there is only one correct answer to the discussion about racism. And that is: There is no racism in American anymore. Except reverse-racism against whites. That shit is real. You know, like the rapture?" Maher said on his HBO program "Real Time."

"If you think racism isn't a problem anymore, you must be living under a rock -- on Rick Perry's hunting camp," he said.

"And what is the Republican solution to these outrageous [racial] inequalities? There isn't one. And that's the point. Denying racism is the new racism. To not acknowledge those statistics, to think of that as a 'black problem' and not an American problem. To believe, as a majority of FOX viewers do, that reverse-racism is a bigger problem than racism, that's racist," Maher later concluded.

"And that is the unwritten rule about being a black Republican. You're welcome in the party as long as you never, ever, ever mention race."

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