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Krauthammer: Palin Not Running Like "Sun Rising In The East"

"I think she's not running. Two days in a row the sun rises in the east. Yesterday, Christie, today, Sarah Palin. And I actually have new news, I just spoke this afternoon with someone in the Godot camp and Godot is not going to run for the presidency. Well, he doesn't want to abandon his position in the Beckett play.

"I was fooled by Palin for two weeks when she made the announcement about the Iowa speech, September the third, which looked like something big. But otherwise, except for that two-week delusion, I've been saying for a year, year-and-a-half, she isn't going to run for the same reasons that A.B. has said.

"If she were to run -- she is already a celebrity. She is already a former nominee. [If] she runs and loses, which she absolutely would have, she would be diminished.

"If you come out of nowhere like a Huckabee in on '08, or a Cain today and you do well, then you become a player in the Republican party and politics for years to come. With her, it would have been the opposite. It made no sense at all. And that's why I think again, it's the sun rising in the east," Charles Krauthammer said on FOX News' "Special Report."

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