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Van Jones On Obama: "We Made A Mistake, We Thought It Was Just About One Person"

Former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones at the "Take Back the American Dream Conference" conference in Washington, DC: "Remember this? We all in 2008 affiliated to him (Obama). Yeah. Remember how good that felt? I call it a meta-brand because you didn't have to give up anything you had before to affiliate. You got to keep your labor jacket on. You still put on that Obama baseball cap. You didn't have to quit your lesbian and gay rights group to join. You could keep everything you ever had. When you put on that Obama -- and now you're a part of something massive. You still get to be you, but now you're a part of something huge.

"And as you're driving down the highway you could see other people and they have the same little thing (bumper sticker) and you could honk your at them. Remember that? And the whole time you thought: 'I'm by myself. Nobody loves them.' Then you realize there are millions of us. Remember how that felt? Well that is a part of what happened. But we made a mistake. We thought that was just about one person.

"But guess what? Our opponents, they have their own organizations. They have their own causes. I didn't list them all, I didn't list them all. But you get the basic idea.

"And they came up with a meta-brand. Their meta-brand was what? The Tea Party. Now let me tell you something about the Tea Party. I've studied them. For a while you could say I read every book by, about and against the Tea Party."

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