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Matthews: Obama Being Too "Debonaire" For The Mood Of The Country

"I can't think of an age group right now that feels happy. And this president, I think comes across as a bit debonaire. Casual's not a fair word, but a bit breezy for the mood of the country. The country wants somebody -- the first thing they want before they want deliverance and a future, they want somebody whose with them in the present. Do you get it? Do you get how angry I am? And I think that's what Christie connects to. That chord of almost free-floating anger he seems to reflect," MSNBC host Chris Matthews said on Monday's edition of "Morning Joe."

Matthews says Obama doesn't get that people are angry.

"It's not, by the way -- the thing about him that doesn't appeal to people. I know he's overweight and he talks about it. That's not the thing that people like about him. Although that maybe part of his attitude: 'I don't care what you think about my eating habits.' But, I think that is part of it. But it's like know what? I'm ticked off. And you're ticked off. So we're in the same country. Is Obama ticked off? Is Mitt Romney ticked off? I don't think so. And that's Mitt Romney's problem."

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