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Michael Moore: Old Fashioned Capitalism When "Wealth Was Shared"

Michael Moore explains what he thinks is capitalism and where the U.S. went wrong to CNN's Piers Morgan.

"When you say the word capitalism, you have to talk about it in its current sense. You can't told about the old days or the way maybe, you know, Adam Smith. The sort of old capitalism," he said.

Moore said in the "old days" when you worked hard and prospered, everyone else prospered as well. "And not only that, as you prospered, the wealth was shared with your employees, with the government. Everybody had a piece of the pie. You, who started the business or invented the light bulb or whatever, you got a bigger piece of the pie. And you know what, nobody cared because you invented the light bulb. That was a pretty cool thing," Moore explained.

"None of the major religions, in fact they all, say it's one of the worst sins you could commit, is to take such a large piece of the pie while others suffer," Moore said.

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