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Bachmann: Other Candidates Aren't Committed To Repealing Obamacare

Rep. Michele Bachmann: "This is the key election. And people need to know who will repeal Obamacare. Who will repeal Dodd-Frank, who is going to turn the economy around?"

Bill O'Reilly: "Everybody up there. Maybe Huntsman wouldn't be. They all would, come on."

Bachmann: "No, that's not true. With all due respect, you couldn't be more wrong because the two Governors said --"

O'Reilly: "You don't think all those guys would repeal it? They all would, except for maybe Huntsman. I think he would too."

Bachmann: "There is such difference in this race because the two Governors have said they would issue an executive order. I've been in the midst of this fight with Obamacare since the beginning and the one thing I know Bill is, the only way you can get rid of it is by a full-scale repeal. I am absolutely committed to that full-scale repeal and that's why this is the signature issue for 2012. Who will get rid of it? I will."

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